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Process payroll online from your office, your home, your hotel room – or the beach. No need to fax or call in payroll because it is all available in the cloud.

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Simple Online Payroll

Intuitive online payroll access that is also mobile-friendly. Input data manually or import from a timeclock or POS system.

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Fast Direct Deposit

Direct deposit saves time and eliminates the need to print checks. Employees are paid via direct deposit or you can print checks at your location.

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24/7 Employer Access

Online payroll lets you access the system to enter payroll from anywhere, and view all of your reports online.

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Automated Taxes

We handle the hassle of payroll taxes! All Federal, State, and Local Taxes are filed automatically so you can focus on your business.

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Responsive Customer Care

We value every payroll customer and offer fast customer support. From small shops to businesses needing ACA help we are here.

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24/7 Employee Portal

Let employees access their paystubs, W-2's and payroll information online. Employees love having online access!





Highest levels of payroll security

Our state-of-the-art software platform takes full advantage of the cloud while incorporating industry leading security. Go Paperless!


  • Employer Security Safeguards with state of the art encryption
  • Payroll administrator sets who has access to what & when
  • Employees only see the information you specify
  • No need to keep paper reports - they are online 24/7, 365
  • All cloud based data is backed up in multiple locations




Switch from your current payroll service at any time

With Sabre Payroll Online you can switch to our service with no disruption of your payroll at any time.  Our payroll specialists will collect all current and ytd information from you and ensure that you have a seamless and totally uneventful payroll transition. We let you switch whenever you want or you can pick the end of a quarter or year if you prefer.


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Set A Start Date

Start whenever!

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Set-up Details

We help you!

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Done. Run Payroll

It's that simple!



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