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The Basics

Once set-up, you simply login, enter hours, pay salaried employees, add or terminate employees and check your totals. You then submit your payroll and shortly thereafter get all your reports. Our paperless payroll solution is simple!
All your company payroll information, employee information and all reports are available to you 24/7 online.
Absolutely. Employees can access their individual payroll information, payroll history and pay stubs 24/7 online. They will also have access to their W-2 at the end of the year.
Sabre Payroll Online was built from the ground up to take advantage of the Internet and the latest payroll processing technology. Because our system is so efficient we can offer prices and customer service way beyond what is expected in this industry.

Payroll Payments

All your employees will be paid by direct deposit. We also offer the ability to print checks at your location if you need that solution.
All of your Federal, State and Local payroll taxes are impounded and paid when due. You can be sure because – We Guarantee It*
We have a payroll calculator built into our system. You simply go in, calculate their check and give them a manual check for this payroll. Their information will automatically be picked up in the next payroll run.
Your payroll needs to be submitted by 3:00 PM EST two days prior to payroll. So for a Friday payroll you need to submit payroll by 3:00 PM on Wednesday.


We Can Do That!

Yes, our system can export all your payroll information to most of the popular accounting packages.
Yes, we have import capabilities for most timeclocks and POS systems.
Yes! We offer human resources solutions for companies with many advanced features. Contact us today to see what features you are looking for.
No! We can begin processing anytime. Call today to get set-up for online payroll.

Sabre Payroll & Sign-up

Our customer service is with a live payroll professional and is available by phone or email. It is also included free for all Sabre Payroll Online customers.
Sabre Payroll Online charges a low set fee that you can view on our pricing page. Our fees are normally 20-50% below the other national payroll processors.
Our implementation team can normally have your company up and running in about a week. Accuracy of employee information and QTD and YTD totals reconciliation is the key and we concentrate on making sure all the numbers match before we go live.
Getting started is simple - Click any sign-up button on our site and you will be directed to apply right online. We're one of the few payroll services that allow you to set-up this way.


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