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The payroll business is about being 100% correct 100% of the time.  When you start with that as your premise then you realize that you better be committed to the process and offer a state of the art product as well as safeguards to ensure that accuracy.  The last thing you need in your business is an employee who got shortchanged or did not get paid.




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With over 10 years in the “traditional” payroll business the owners of Sabre Payroll Online realized that the advancement in technology in both payroll software and the Internet made online payroll not only possible but the way of the future.


With this in mind we have created an online payroll experience that is both very robust offering all the features (and more) of the traditional payroll process but have made it accessible from anywhere – and easy to use.  A few clicks and your payroll is done.



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Not Using Online Payroll? Time To Update!

Having run a traditional payroll service bureau we know the typical problems encountered in this old school payroll model. The old process was call in the payroll between 9-5 M-F and wait for the mail or courier to arrive with the packaged payroll checks to be distributed on payday. Sabre Payroll Online avoids the problems of old payroll methods: Contact Us.


  1. Never worry about mail or couriers!
  2. No more call-in phone mistakes!
  3. No more missing checks!
  4. Reduce staff & payroll work!

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Welcome to the future - Sabre Payroll Online



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Process Payroll from Anywhere at Anytime Online

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All Employees paid by Direct Deposit or Payroll Card

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24/7 Employer & Employee Online Access to Payroll

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Federal, State & Local Payroll Taxes Collected / Paid



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